We offer learning support to students facing learning challenges and learning extension for students who need 'stretch goals' to grow their potential.

Sessions are normally offered individually, but we consider requests for group tutoring sessions as well. 
Unique learning programs for each student are developed by a registered teacher, based on assessments we carry out and information provided by school staff and other professionals. In addition, consideration is always given to the requirements of the Australian curriculum.

We take a collaborative approach and willingly work with classroom teachers and other professionals who are part of a student's 'support team'. We see ourselves as partners in each students' journey.

In addition to high-quality sessions offered on a weekly basis, we provide homework and follow-up tasks on request. For secondary school students, we also offer 'contact hours' during which one of our tutors is available to provide additional support over the telephone or by email (eg. Reading drafts, talking through homework tasks). These contact hours are built into our secondary school fee schedule so there is no additional cost for a student to make use of the contact hours.

During sessions, we provide access to a wide range of high-quality learning resources including a laptop computer and an iPad. Our tutors ensure that sessions are engaging and enjoyable.

Our learning studio is located in Eastern Heights, within walking distance of Limestone Park, which is well serviced by public transport.

Our Principal Tutor, Jane Weston, is highly qualified and has been tutoring for 15 years. Jane develops all student learning programs, which then form the basis for tutoring by either Jane herself or another of our tutors. Our Standard Tutors are people who have achieved high academic results in their own learning and have good communication skills, with the ability to teach new concepts, reinforce known concepts and assess whether concepts have been understood. All Tutors hold positive notice Blue Cards.
Students may have sessions with either the Principal Tutor or a Standard Tutor, depending on the complexity of their learning needs. Please contact us by emailing jane@lifelong.net.au to arrange a free individual assessment.

Principal Tutor
$42/hr primary
$52.50/hr secondary or tertiary
Standard Tutor
$30/hr primary
$35/hr secondary or tertiary
Subjects available in 2017:
All primary school subjects from Prep to Year 7
- English
- SOSE/Humanities
- Business
- History & Ancient History
- Geography
- Junior Maths
University subjects on a case-by-case basis
Please contact us if you require assistance with a subject not included in this list.