Early Enrichment - Bright Buttons Program
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Our Early Enrichment program is called Bright Buttons. In 2017 the program will operate once a month at our indoor/outdoor learning studio.

Bright Buttons focuses on the foundational learning required for success in the Prep year at school. Many children attend a Kindy program in the year before school, so Bright Buttons is designed to be a pre-Kindy program for younger children or to enhance learning in the Kindy year for three to four year olds. Children from two to four years of age are welcome.
Social learning and personal learning are significant components of the program.  The children learn how to be part of a group and how to manage themselves in a semi-formal learning environment. Taking turns, teamwork, sharing and collaborating are skills that are built into the fun activities we enjoy together. 

We include a small amount of explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy concepts - mostly alphabet recognition, name recognition, early writing and rhyming for literacy, and counting, number recognition, sorting, patterning, shapes and volume for numeracy. We enjoy a book and some songs at each session.  

Learning is embedded in play and, apart from a small part of each session, we follow the interests of the children -  because that's how they learn best! There is an element of 'free play' in each session and morning tea as well. Each child keeps a scrapbook 'portfolio' of their work and the facilitator keeps a 'blog' so parents, family and friends can read about the group's learning activities.
The facilitator is a registered Early Years teacher who is passionate about giving children an excellent start in learning and life.  The 2017 program is dependent on sufficient numbers (with a maximum of five places in total to keep things manageable). Session fees are only $10.00/session and we will be running the program once a month. Please contact us by emailing jane@lifelong.net.au to express your interest. We would love to have you join us!